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Selling Your Home

On this page, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions sellers have. Do you have a question about selling real estate that is not answered here? Call me at 604.740.5327.

We need this property sold. What do we do?

Just by asking this question, you’ve put yourself in a better position than 70 percent of the sellers on the Sunshine Coast. Being a serious seller is half the job.

Take the time to go through your home and clean it thoroughly, both inside and out. Take care of any little jobs that need to be done, like touch up painting and minor repairs. A buyer will always focus on the negative and you don’t want to give them anything to be negative about. You want to do your best to remove all the negatives that are in your control.

A house can be older, but if it appears to be well taken care of, the buyer gets the impression that you are proud of your home and that it will have few deficiencies.

This holds true for the yard as well. The lawn should be mowed, the garden well kept and the fences straight. If a fence looks poorly maintained, a buyer will draw the conclusion that the rest of the property is not well cared for and may just drive by. If the gardens are overgrown, the buyer may conclude that the yard will require too much of their time to maintain.

When it comes to price, in a competitive market a seller should be prepared to be the most well-priced in their prospective marketplace. Together we will review the comparable sales and active listings in your area, so you can determine a suitable price.

Should I hire a professional stager to stage my home?

Staging your home is optional. However, it does help the sales process, there is no doubt. A staging professional will work with you to ensure that each room shows as a useful, attractive and valuable space. They can help you organize your own furniture and present it to the best advantage, and in some case may bring in loaned furniture and or decor items.

Do you have any advice on how I can stage my home myself for a quicker sale and/or better price?

Staging is all about controlling the first impression a buyer has when they enter the room and the feeling it gives them. In smaller rooms you want to create space; limiting yourself to a few well placed pieces of furniture is best. If a room is particularly large, organize furniture to create several smaller more intimate and functional spaces. When a buyer walks into a room, it should be immediately obvious what the room is for; don’t try to present a single room as both office space and a child’s bedroom.

De-clutter all your rooms and put the articles in storage. After all, you’re planning on moving, so this is just getting a head start on the packing. Pack away items that are particularly personal or reflect your unique taste. This might include family photos, religious icons, and collections of china or collectable toys. You want the buyer to feel that this could be their home.

When in doubt, go with “less is best” and choose tasteful, relatively neutral decor. A staging professional can provide more detailed advice.

How do I go about preparing a property disclosure document? Will you work with me on that?

Yes, I will. Preparation of a property disclosure document is done with your Realtor at the time of listing. The property disclosure statement is broken down into two parts: the building and the property. It is always best to be completely honest and leave out nothing. The disclosure statement is designed to jog your memory on all aspects of the building and property. It is far easier to deal with objections at the outset than at the end of a transaction. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have about this process.